Diving Adventures

Ponta Mamoli

Situated 25km from the Kosi Bay border, and 100km south of Maputo, lies Ponta Mamoli. With a beautiful coastline of more than 2km, pristine beach and surrounded by untouched tracts of bush, Ponta Mamoli truly is a wonderful location to get in touch with nature. The area is surrounded by natural beauty, with the Indian Ocean to the east and Maputo Special Reserve to the west. There is a small local population and very few accommodation options, making it a more secluded and exclusive destination than Ponta do Ouro.


Where to stay

White Pearl Resorts

Completed in July 2011, White Pearl Resorts is the newest accommodation establishment in southern Mozambique. The Resort offers accommodation in 22 ocean-facing suites, featuring clean lines and contemporary furniture. All suites comprise of private plunge pools, indoor and outdoor showers, and spacious terraces. Other facilities at White Pearl include a restaurant and beach bar, serving a blend of local and international flavours, a beach shop, dive centre with access to the area’s most pristine dive sites, in-room spa treatments and a variety of activities. The Resort can be accessed by road from South Africa or Maputo, or by helicopter from Maputo, taking in breathtaking aerial views of the surrounding coastline and bush.

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Things to Do

For the Honeymoon Dreamers

White Pearl Resorts is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Enjoy the soft sound of waves lapping the shoreline, whilst sipping champagne in a cool, horizon-edge pool together; or relax with a pampering massage. At night you can experience the intimacy of a candlelit dinner for two on a deserted beach under a star-studded sky. Wake up to a magnificent breakfast on your private deck, and spend the morning paddling kayaks along pristine waters inhabited by turtles and colourful reef fish.


For the Colourful Mixtures

One can take part in a number of activities whilst in the area. White Pearl Resorts has a dive centre, offering a full range of PADI courses as well as access to world-class dive sites. For those who prefer to stay on the surface, the fishing along this coastline is fantastic. There are also horse riding trips, snorkelling with dolphins, kayaking trips and the chance to see this beautiful stretch of coastline from a helicopter.


Did you know?

Ponta Mamoli is home to one of the richest turtle nesting sites in southern Mozambique. Between November and February each year, Loggerhead and Leatherback Turtles head to this stretch of coast to lay their eggs. In partnership with the Southern Mozambique Marine Turtle Nesting Monitoring, Tagging and Conservation Programme, White Pearl Resort works to monitor and protect these majestic and docile creatures. Viewing of the nesting site can be arranged with the resort manager.