Niassa Reserve

Niassa Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Mozambique, covering over 42000km², and is situated in the province of Cabo Delgado and also in the neighbouring province of Niassa. The Reserve is part of the Transfrontier Conservation Area and links to the Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve in Tanzania. Eventually the Trans-Frontier Park will connect to the Lake Niassa Reserve too. This huge wilderness preserve, which is twice the size of Kruger Park, is only just being discovered and contains by far the greatest concentration of wildlife in Mozambique.


Where to Stay

Lugenda Wilderness Camp

Lugenda Wilderness Camp is situated on the banks of the Lugenda River beneath towering fig trees. Accommodation is provided in 8 luxury tents, each with its own patio deck with wide-angle views. Each tent has a solid substructure and offers every modern comfort. The elegant timber and thatched guest area is at the heart of the camp and is a shady refuge from the African Sun, as is the swimming pool.

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Things to Do

For the Safari Discoverers

The guides take guests out in open vehicles to explore the Niassa Reserve for as long as they want. Bird watchers will have the opportunity to spot up to 370 different species, including the rare Angola Pitta and Pel’s Fishing Owl. The Reserve is home to 3 recently discovered endemic species: the Niassa Wildebeest, Boehm’s Zebra and Johnston’s Impala; as well as elephant, Sable Antelope, Cape Buffalo, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest and eland. Niassa is also one of the last havens in Africa for the Cape Hunting Dog (African Wild Dog), and is populated with other predators such as lion, leopard and Spotted Hyena. Bear in mind though that the area is vast and big game sightings are not guaranteed.


For the Colourful Mixtures

For those who prefer more intimate encounters with the Mozambique bush, guides will take you out walking in the early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the midday sun. Here you can explore the smaller flora and fauna and really absorb the sights, sounds and many hidden delights of the Niassa bush.


Did you Know?

Niassa Reserve is roughly the same size as the Netherlands. The reserve has the largest protected miombo forest ecosystems in the world and is the largest conservation area of Mozambique.