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ALMA – Associação de Limpeza e Meio Ambiente


Also known as the association for Cleaning and Environment in Tofo / Inhambane, ALMA is a non profit organization focussing on the environment, keeping it clean and using its resources in a sustainable manner. Travel2Mozambique is a major supporter of ALMA and provides the association with manpower, technical support, as well as support in regular clean ups of the local beaches and environment.

ALMA helps to deal with waste management problems by providing infrastructure, cleaning beaches and streets, organizing dumpsites and making them safer for workers, implementing recycle systems and offering educational training to enable the local community to make informed decisions about the materials they use.

ALMA was formed in 2007 by a few people who were worried about the increase of waste in Tofo due to the growth in tourism. Starting with small projects such as beach clean-ups, ALMA soon became an organization of growing importance to the community. Since its founding, ALMA has implemented many systems and procedures in the waste management sector, which has led to significant improvements in the overall cleanliness of Tofo and Inhambane.

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