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Lorien sailing

Lorien was born and raised just outside of the city of Durban, South Africa. Durban is known to be a lot more chilled out and relaxed than the other cities of Johannesburg or Cape Town, with a distinct beach vibe about it. This beach vibe certainly had a major influence on Loriens life. After school he decided to venture to London for a gap year, which quickly turned into a gap 2 years. After this he returned to South Africa to study tourism management. After a short stint in an office based position, he decided that it wasn’t what he was looking for, and promptly took an internship at a dive centre and worked his way from divemaster to dive instructor. He then travelled and worked in South Africa, the Seychelles and Malawi as a dive instructor, before a chance meeting with Marcus on Lake Malawi. Being part of the TAC team in Tofo, Mozambique is a dream come true for Lorien, with incredible diving and surfing opportunities, not to mention a fantastic team of work colleagues.