Diving Adventures


Swim with the gentle giants of the Indian Ocean

What makes Tofo Beach a destination not to be missed, is the fact that this stretch of coastline is home to two species of manta rays, reef mantas and giant mantas, as well as the largest year-round population of whalesharks in the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to snorkel with a whaleshark, the oceans biggest fish, or scuba dive with a majestic manta, thought to be one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. The winter months, from about July through until November, also see humpback whales migrating to the area. From the beach one can watch these giants breaching almost completely out the water.

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See a rhino on foot

This is an African safari with a unique twist, especially if you are returning to Africa having already done a standard safari in a game viewing vehicle. The Rhino Post Safari Camp, situated in the heart of the world-renowned Kruger National Park is a unique wilderness area which offers eco-tourists the ideal place for encounters with the Big Five and allows visitors to track elephant and rhino on foot or view them from the comfort of open safari vehicles. Guest numbers are limited to eight, with 2 armed rangers, ensuring exclusivity and safety.

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See the world’s biggest waterfall

With a width of 1,708 metres and height of 108 metres, Victoria Falls forms the largest sheet of falling water in the world. See the mighty Mosi-oa-Tunya / The Cloud that Thunders (local name) on foot, or take in an aerial perspective in a helicopter or ultralight plane. Whichever one you choose, don’t miss out on one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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Dive with Sharks

Aliwal Shoal on the east coast of South Africa has always had a reputation of being a great area to dive with sharks, due to the large numbers of ragged toothed sharks found on the reef. These docile sharks can still be seen, but the real thrill lies in the baited shark dives on offer. These baited dives involve hanging in the mid water with scuba gear or free diving, whilst being visited by reef sharks, bull sharks and tiger sharks to name a few. And the really thrilling part is that there are no steel bars between you and the sharks. Aliwal Shoal also offers world class reef dives and wreck dives.

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Climb the biggest sand dune in the Indian Ocean

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of five islands situated off the coast of Vilanculos, namely: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue. The Bazaruto Archipelago is easily one of the most beautiful island destinations on the African continent. This beautiful marine reserve features white sandy beaches, clear waters and rich marine life including the dugong, as well as Nile crocodiles, which inhabit the freshwater lakes on the islands. (The crocs are actually from croc farms, which were abandoned in the war time. The sky is the limit when it comes to activities on the Bazaruto Archipelago, from snorkelling and scuba diving, to dune boarding, kitesurfing, dhow sailing trips, scenic flights and more.

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Island hop in tropical paradise

The archipelago consists of about 32 islands which run roughly parallel with the northern Mozambique coastline. Currently, the 11 most southerly islands in the Quirimbas Archipelago are included in a National Park, and the Quirimbas Archipelago is being considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the natural beauty of the islands and the cultural and historical significance. The islands provide the perfect setting for many activities. Most of the resorts offer scuba diving and snorkelling activities on the magnificent coral reefs. The gentle ocean also provides the perfect opportunity to take a paddle on a kayak, or enjoy an afternoon of sailing on a traditional dhow sailboat. Jump on a traditional dhow sailing boat, or paddle a kayak and visit a few of these dream islands

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Visit Gorongosa, a National Park that survived a civil war

Gorongosa is home to an astounding diversity of animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. Many of the park’s animal populations were greatly reduced by decades of civil war and poaching. However, almost all naturally occurring species, including more than 400 kinds of birds and a wide variety of reptiles-have survived. There is a variety of activities available including wildlife game drives, birding safaris, and community walks guided by local experts on the Park’s flora and fauna. For the more adventurous, there is a guided hike offered which explores Mount Gorongosa, one of southern Africa’s only rainforests.

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