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Gorongosa National Park

Situated in the heart of central Mozambique and at the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley, Gorongosa National Park is roughly 3,770 square kilometres and occupies the valley floor, as well as parts of surrounding plateaus. Gorongosa is home to an astounding diversity of animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. Many of the park’s animal populations were greatly reduced by decades of civil war and poaching. However, almost all naturally occurring species, including more than 400 kinds of birds and a wide variety of reptiles-have survived. With effective management and reintroductions of key species, wildlife populations are regaining their natural numbers and the park is gradually returning to its original glory.


Where to stay

Girassol Gorongosa Chitengo Camp

The original Chitengo Camp was established in 1941 and hosted thousands of visitors from all over the world until 1981, when Mozambique’s civil war shut it down. It was mostly destroyed during the war, but re-opened in 1995. It has now been completely rebuilt, and offers a variety of accommodation options from camping to bungalows and garden rooms. There is also a restaurant and bar on site.

More about Girassol Gorongosa Chitengo Camp here.

Things to Do

For the Safari Discoverers

Gorongosa is home to an astounding diversity of animals and plants – some of which are found nowhere else in the world. This rich biodiversity creates a complex world where animals, plants and people interact. From the smallest insects to the largest mammals, each plays an important role in the Gorongosa ecosystem. A Gorongosa safari encompasses the typical elements of an African safari – early morning and late afternoon game drives on approximately 100km of roads in open Toyota Landcruisers with a guide, explaining the complexities of the bush and the many wildlife species you will encounter. The safaris will traverse various ecosystems, including floodplains, miombo forest, and lowland savanna.


For the Colourful Mixtures

There is a variety of activities available from Chitengo including wildlife game drives, birding safaris, and community walks guided by local experts on the Park’s flora and fauna. For the more adventurous, there is a 2 night / 3 day guided hike offered by Explore Gorongosa, which explores Mount Gorongosa. There is also a 6 hour day hike to the Murombodzi waterfall at Mount Gorongosa.


Did you Know?

The restoration of Gorongosa National Park could not have been possible without an American entrepreneur by the name of Greg Carr. The Gregory C. Carr Foundation has committed to the 30 year restoration of the Park, as well as $40 million US dollars. This is one of the largest individual commitments in the history of conservation in Africa. Greg Carr believes that the restoration of Gorongosa National Park will help lift the region out of poverty.