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(15°02’21.93″S / 40°43’56.46″E)

Feitoria is a charming boutique hotel situated on the stunning historic island of Ilha de Mozambique.


Feitoria Location

Feitoria is located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilha de Mozambique, in Nampula Province, Northern Mozambique.



Feitoria boasts 20 guest rooms that range from standard to super luxury. All rooms boast Wi-Fi and air conditioning, and the hotel itself features an outdoor pool with gazebos and sun loungers, a restaurant with local and international cuisines, a bar and deck overlooking the sea, and rooftop terrace. Feitoria is situated perfectly as a jumping-off point for exploring the island, only a 20 minute walk from the island’s fortress and museum.

Food & beverage

Guests can choose to enjoy three meals a day at the Feitoria restaurant, or alternatively, they can also explore the variety of cuisine that the island has to offer.