Diving Adventures



Amaya was born in Shakespeare’s land, in the town of Stratford upon Avon and raised in Madrid, capital of Spain. Being lucky enough to be able to communicate in both languages made her realise that the world is an open oyster, so after completing Tourism Studies at the University in Madrid she left Spain in 2003 in search of her adventure. After 6 years in England life brought her to Mozambique where she decided to settle in 2009. Tofo Beach has given her the chance of experiencing what she always wanted, a life next to the Ocean. After meeting Marcus and Elisabeth in mid 2009 Amaya became part of the TAC team making it her reason to stay in Mozambique.

At this present moment, life cannot get any better, to be able to wake up in the morning with a smile and enjoy what she does has no price and Amaya certainly knows it. You can see her very early in the morning in Tofo Beach taking her precious dog Bongo on his daily walk. Apart from her love towards animals and her job her other main interests are art, music, cinema, football and most of all being with friends and people she loves.