Nuarro Lodge

(14°12’13.14″S / 40°40’43.87″E)

Nuarro is a luxury eco-lodge situated on a quiet stretch of beautiful beach in Nanatha Bay northern Mozambique, and is best described as ‘luxury without all the bells and whistles’.



The 12 chalets all feature sea views and are spaced out with private paths accessing the beach. Each chalet has 100m² of constructed area and was built using traditional technology, creating ideal ventilation. They all have indoor and outdoor showers, a lounge area, a large wooden veranda, a sun deck with a view of the bay and a private path leading to the beach and daybed.


Nuarro Lodge Location

Nuarro Lodge is situated on the southern point of Memba Bay, which is roughly 2 hours north of the closest town of Nacala.



Nuarro Lodge is owner run and managed, and the local staff are friendly and attentive.


Food & beverage

Nuarro Lodge features a high-class restaurant and cocktail bar, offering a mix of local and international flavours.